The FYR Tribe is dedicated

to battling the PHYSICAL to mental health crises among first responders

Silhouette of Firemen fighting a raging fire

Help Us Save Them...

so they can Save you

While no demographic is untouched by addiction or mental health challenges,

first responders are disproportionately more likely to develop these conditions

than members of the general population

due to the critical nature of their

work environment & exposures to trauma

Our focus is on healing our heros so they can overcome these negative coping mechanisms

Our Mission:

Our goal is to nurture a culture of empathy, healing, and proactive support for both mental and physical well-being

within the community of first responders and their networks

We are dedicated to empowering these individuals to address & release trauma, manage stress, and adopt healthier lifestyles


FYR Tribe’s healing workshops provide tailored programs, educational campaigns, and accessible resources that incorporate a wide range of somatic therapies such as: TRE, Postural Reintegration, Cardiovascular protocols, Heart Rate Variability training, strength training, SMR, breathwork and more body-oriented approaches


By integrating these techniques into our established support system of First Responders, many individuals will build resilience and learn effective tools for fostering holistic physical and mental wellness


By forging partnerships with organizations dedicated to enhancing the welfare of our civil servants who often face significant trauma and stress, our collaboration and commitment can expand our reach and more easily & effectively deliver comprehensive care and support to those who’ve committed themselves to protecting our communities

First responders risk

their lives to save ours

Join us in cultivating a healing community for them

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